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TESOL Practicum

TESOL Offerings

Our TESOL programs prepare students to teach English in the U.S and abroad. We offer all TESOL classes at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Program 1:TESOL Certificate (18 credits)

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate is designed to prepare students to teach English as a second or foreign language, either in the United States or abroad. The Certificate requires six courses.

Program 2: ESOL Endorsement (12 credits)

The English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Endorsement prepares students to teach English and/or to help those students from different language backgrounds than English, but it is primarily intended for students who are working toward a P-12 teaching degree or who already have a teaching degree from any institution. The endorsement program requires four courses.

Program 3: Linguistics Minor (18 credits)

A minor in linguistics may be particularly interesting to students majoring in a foreign language, as well as majors in such fields as English, communication, psychology, computer science, sociology, speech pathology, education, philosophy and anthropology. This minor also gives an introduction to the scientific study of language to those who would like to pursue a graduate study in linguistics or related fields.

Students can consult the course catalog to learn about current course offerings.

Program Coordinators

Faculty Program Coordinators:

Dr. Kyongseon Jeon
Dept. of English

Dr. Carolina Pelaez-Morales
Dept. of English