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Professional Writing Certificate


The certificate in Professional Writing is an 18-credit program open to all majors and nondegree students. The program is designed for individuals who want to enhance their careers through a development of writing skills.


ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 or their equivalents


Students must complete eighteen credits from the courses listed below. ENGL 3176 and ENGL 5167 are required.

ENGL 3155 News Writing or ENGL 3126 Feature Writing or ENGL 5159 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 3156 Advertising Writing
ENGL 3158 Writing in the Workplace
ENGL 3159 Technical and Scientific Writing
ENGL 3176 Print Design
ENGL 3171 Digital Rhetoric and Web Site Design
ENGL 3172 Writing, Communities, and New Media
ENGL 5149 Grant Writing
ENGL 5155 Theories of Rhetoric
ENGL 5167 English Grammar

This is a stand-alone certificate that does not require a student to be enrolled in a degree program at CSU. Up to 6 hrs. of transferred coursework may be applied to the certificate, provided the coursework is approved by the department chair.