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English First Year Writing



ENGL 1101 introduces students to the types of writing valued at the university level. Individual sections typically emphasize rhetorical strategies, writing processes, expository and short argumentative writings, and beginning research processes. Attention will be given to helping students

  • Recognize each writing prompt as a unique rhetorical situation
  • Understand that all decisions about audience, tone, style, content, and organization should be made with the specific requirements of the writing prompt in mind
  • Develop a single thesis or purpose that fulfills the requirements of the writing prompt
  • Practice different brainstorming processes to generate detailed evidence and interpretation to support their purpose
  • Develop clear and effective organizational structures to support their purpose
  • Craft sentence-level prose that follows the rules of formal grammar, usage, and punctuation

ENGL 1102 builds on, and reinforces, the work done in ENGL 1101 as it emphasizes more complex argumentative writings, expanded research processes, and closer attention to prose style. Individual sections may be organized around different "themes" or selections of readings, but they should all encourage students to read and analyze texts from more than one genre and academic discipline. Attention will be given to

  • A greater variety of research strategies and methods
  • Evaluation of diverse sources for appropriateness and rigor
  • Interpretation, citation, and synthesis of information from external sources
  • Different forms of argument and rigorous consideration of evidence
  • Advanced organizational strategies that help students control their writing as their ideas become more sophisticated
  • Stylistic devices and editing techniques to create a distinctive and engaging prose style.