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Creative Writing Course Rotation Schedule

Course No. and Title Fall Spring Varies
ENGL 2111 World Lit. 1 X X  
ENGL 2112 World Lit. 2 X X  
ENGL 2135 Multicultural Literature   X  
ENGL 2136 Language and Culture   X  
ENGL 2147 Intro. to Film   X  
ENGL 2155 Literary Studies: Critical Methods X X  
ENGL 2156 Literary Studies: Poetics X X  
ENGL 2157 Writing for the English Major X X  
ENGL 2158 Advanced Writing for the Non-Major X X  
ENGL 3105 Introduction to Fiction Writing X    
ENGL 3106 Introduction to Poetry Writing   X  
ENGL 3107 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing X    
ENGL 3108 Introduction to Playwriting X    
ENGL 3109 Introduction to Screenwriting   X  
ENGL 3129 International Drama      RARE
ENGL 3130 Film Genres and Themes  X    
ENGL 3145 Early American Literature   X  
ENGL 3148 American Naturalism and Modernism X    
ENGL 3149 Contemporary American Literature X    
ENGL 3256 Peer Writing Consultation X    
ENGL 4000 Baccalaureate Survey X X  
ENGL 4175 Creative Writing Capstone   X  
ENGL 4176 Adv Top in Creative Writing X X  
ENGL 4505 Selected Topics in Shakespeare X    
ENGL 4506 Selected Topics in American Literature   X  
ENGL 4507 Selected Topics in African American Literature X    
ENGL 4555 Selected Authors - Capstone Course   X  
ENGL 4698 Internship X X  
ENGL 4899 Independent Study     RARE
ENGL 5000 Professional Writing Portfolio X X  
ENGL 5145 Literary Theory     X
ENGL 5147 Language Acquisition X    
ENGL 5148 Sociolinguistics   X  
ENGL 5165 Intro. to Linguistics X    
ENGL 5166 History of the English Language   ODD  
ENGL 5167 English Grammar X X  
ENGL 5168 TESL Methods   X  
ENGL 5169 TESL Practicum   X  
ENGL 5186 Contemporary Composition Theory X    
ENGL 5187 Old English   EVEN  
ENGL 5545 Adv. Topics in Lit., Writing, and Theory   X  
ENGL 5744 Studies in the Novel X    
ENGL 7899 Independent Study     RARE
ITDS 5105 History and Practice of Translation     RARE
EVEN = Year is an even number (ex. 2020)
ODD = Year is an odd number (ex. 2021)